The real Roses

Florana Farms S.A. produces over 60 varieties of ECOLOGICAL and ORGANICAL roses, grown by our planting system in our agro ecological farms. In each rose we mark our quality


Ecologic Farm

We have reduced by 80% the use of chemical materials on our farms

Creative Idea

Every part of the growing process uses resources efficiently, resulting in MINIMAL environmental impact. We take our responsibilities to society and the environment seriously and conduct our business with integrity.

Awesome Support

Our rose specialists, individuals with a precise eye for quality and beauty, have been carefully trained for many years in their craft of cultivating beautiful roses. From the growers in the field to the engineers in the lab, our team members excel in their areas of expertise.

The Hand of the Artisan

The inexplicable beauty of a Florana rose lies in the smallest of details, from planting rose seeds at the right time of year to rising before the sun to harvest the crops.

Environmental Impact

Florana Farms s.a. has dedicated substantial time and resources to developing state-of-the-art irrigation systems and protocols that drastically reduce water usage and ensure minimal impacts on its farmland and neighboring areas.

Our gift

Better development of the plant, more intense rose color, thicker stems, healthier foliage and longer vase life. Since 2008 we have implemented organic agriculture in our production of roses. We are a pioneer farm implementing organic cultivation, we have gone through all tests and we keep improving every day to deliver a high quality rose to the international market.