The Real Handmade Organic Roses from Ecuador

We are one of the few farms in Ecuador who takes their customer’s well-being as a priority that is why our roses are 80% organic. Currently, we offer more than 60 super premium varieties of roses. We are constantly looking to innovate and expand its products to meet our customers’ needs.

Eco-friendly Farm

We have reduced by 80% the use of chemical materials in our farms. We use organic products for an eco-friendly agricultural management.

Creative Ideas

By reducing the use of chemical pesticides and their harmful effects on the soil and on human beings, we want to deliver not only beautiful, higher quality roses but roses that won’t harm our employees, our customers and our planet.

Specialized Team

We take roses personally, that is why our workers are specialists in quality and beauty, they have been carefully trained in the craft of cultivating beautiful roses. From the growers in the field to the engineers in the labs, our team members are rose’s experts.

The Hand of the Artisan

The beauty of a Florana rose lies in the smallest of details, from planting the rose seeds at the right time of year to rising before the sun to harvest the crops.

Environmental Impact

Florana Farms has dedicated substantial time and resources to develop an advanced irrigation system and protocols that drastically reduce water use and ensure minimal impact on its farmland and neighboring areas.

Our Reward

By going organic we have improved the development of our plants, our roses have intense colors, thicker stems, a healthier foliage and a longer vase life.

About us

FLORANA is committed to be a participant not a spectator in the effort to make a sustainable world. We believe that we are responsible for the people that are affected by our industry as well as our environment. We are one of the few farms in Ecuador whose roses are 90% organic.

FLORANA FARMS S.A. is an innovative and dynamic Ecuadorian flower company established since 1993. FLORANA started as a farm of fresh cut carnations and mini carnations. In 1997 we decided to become a grower of unique, higher quality eco-friendly roses.

We are one of the few farms in Ecuador who takes their customer’s well-being as a priority that is why our roses are 80% organic.

Our Handmade Roses

Florana contributes to the environment by minimizing the use of chemicals and by minimizing soil degradation and erosion, this results from the optimization of biological productivity.

Sexy Red

Florana sexy Red is a captivating red rose with flowing edges. With its true red petals, is sure to draw attention of those around it. Messenger of strong attraction, she is beautiful, fabulous, and very confident. Let’s face it, sexy is all about attitude!


Known as the "red of lovers", red is the color of fire, love, and seduction. Eye-catching, intense, and stimulating, the Florana Freedom rose signifies a lover's love and respect, passion and desire, purity and sincerity. The perfect rose to say "I love you!"


Explorer is romantic, sophisticated, and sensual rose. The color of its petals, which seem like velvet, is an intense crimson that shades off to a darker tone. A red flower with a strong personality, undoubtedly this Florana rose took after the soil where it was created, in both color and temperament.

White Chocolate

Between beatiful and elegant, the florana white chocolate keep the delicate fragrance of each bud. This creamy white bloom is sure to captivate its audience. This decadent white rose would be delicious alongside our Chocolate Cosmos!


The Florana Proud is a glittering and glorious big white rose. Its graceful petals are a true eggshell white color, which gives this rose a pristine fresh look. Proud is an indispensable element in exclusive rose arrangements, displays, and bouquets. Dream big! Dream loud! Be proud!


This Florana Nautica rose any other pink rose, Nautica creates happiness and romance that no other rose can compete with, conveys the ideas of love between you and your one, and replaces any gemstone to create a beautiful and dynamic look.

High & Magic

Do you believe in magic? As the name suggests, this Florana rose is magical. Bright yellow, tipped with burned red edges, its petals are the exaltation of the colors of the sun and make it look like none other when it opens up. Choose to have magic in your life!


3D is elegant and sophisticated. With delicate and warm shades of an old rose and a texture that evokes the magic and sheen of a pearl necklace, she is ideal for scenographic compositions. 3D is really the most normal thing because it’s how those of us with two eyes usually see the world!


The perfect rose to say "I love you!"


Florana Duett is an eye catcher with its bi-color combination. It's ruffled edges and light pink cream tones with darker pink on the outer petals make this beauty perfect for any occasion. You will be nothing less than astonished by her appeal.


Florana lemonade roses is one of the most beautiful roses of our farm, these especial roses is a mix of tones and aromas, is perfect for birthdays and especial occasion.


Deep, classical orange colorations are the lead of the bloom, extending out upon slight and delicate pedals, opening up and curving whimsically into a bell-like shape to create a very free, very passionate, and very all-around rose.



Our experience for more than 20 years in the floral industry, has enabled us to consolidate a network of satisfied customers all over the world. We have a specialized team that will offer you the best not only in terms of quality but in terms of service too.

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