How lucky! How Trendy!

We can believe it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! We definitely can’t let it go without talking how much it impacts the Ultimate Deco trends at the moment.

Green, White, orange, yellow, gold and black are the usual colors that invade us by this time of the year. And we have to be honest, there is nothing better than that!

You are probably wondering why we say so….So let us clear your doubts! Every one of the colors we just mentioned, bring so much energy! If we talk about the psycology of the color, they really bring some kind of feelings to each one of us. Like:

  • Green: Balance, Inner Growing, Hope
  • White: Optimism, simplicity
  • Orange: Enthusiasm, Crativity.
  • Yellow: Happiness, joy, innovation
  • Black: Power, mistery

How great it is when we are capable of putting all these colors together in order to make something beautiful? So why don’t you try to do it with roses? Our roses aren’t just beautiful, they are ORGANIC!!!

Here some inspiration you can use!


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When you think of roses, think of Florana Our roses are made with care and responsibility. Our blooms are bigger, brighter and organic!

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