Red Roses


Florana Explorer is romantic, sophisticated, and sensual rose.


Florana Freedom better known as the "red of lovers", red is the color of fire, love, and seduction.

Sexy Red

Florana Sexy Red is a red rose with flowing edges mean attraction, faulous and confident.!

White Roses


Florana mondial also known as the bridal rose, symbolizes unity, virtue, and the pureness of a new bond of love.


The perfect choice for when you want to impress someone with a truly extraordinary flower.

Playa Blanca

Each rose is perfect and exemplary, the very embodiment of unimaginable intricacy. The art of true love!

Polar Star

Florana Polar Star is a true white rose with a very unique high petal count. Elegant and fresh.


Pastella by Florana symbolizes unity, virtue, and the pureness of a new bond of love.


The Florana Proud is a glittering and glorious big white rose. Dream big! Dream loud! Be proud!


Florana Tibet named of one of the most beautiful and spiritual Asian regions.


Florana Vendela named after a Norwegian-Swedish model, Vendela Maria Kirsebom, delicate and romantic.

White Cholate

Florana White Chocolate between beatiful and elegant, keep the delicate fragrance of each bud.

White O'hara

The perfect rose to you

White Weddings

White Weddings by Florana symbolizes unity, virtue, and the pureness of a new bond of love.

Bicolor Roses


Florana 3D rose is elegant and sophisticated rose. Perfect to create a bouquet of emotions.


Meaning “morning love song” in French, Florana Aubade is the inspiration between of magical and beatiful wihta a delicate creamy withe tone.


Well suited for all fall events due to its vibrant color, this beauty rose is a symbol of fascination and will instantly add splendor.


Exquisite and dazzling, Cabaret is a creamy rose that blends out beautifully to a unique brick colored rim.


Florana Carrousels' cream and fuchsia is a rose of many virtues.

Cherry Brandy

Florana Cherry Brandy is inspired by the warm hue of the famous cherry based liqueur


Florana Duett is the mos iconic toses for extraodrinary moments with its bi-color combination.


Florana Esperance, bicolor pink rose, gives the impression of vintage but new at the same time.


The Florana fidji rose is the expression of the specialness of life.


Meaning in spanish of "Party" this Florana rose is a perfect detail for any occation.

High & Magic

Do you believe in magic? Florana High & Magic suggests the intense expience of magic, this Florana rose is magical.

Hot Merengue

Named after a lively dance that originated in the Dominican Republic, Hot Merengue is intense, vibrant, and exuberant.


Florana Iguazu rose, at a first glance, recalls the dawn and the first rays of sunshine.


Elegant and full of charm, this delicate bi-color rose is able to express not only the emotion of the observer but also the essence of the subject looked at.

Nature Cherry

Florana Nature's Cherry rose is a bright coral orange with tones of pink throughout.


Florana Paloma rose is a beatiful cream rose with pink edges, perfect to say thank you and I love you!


Florana Sunrise is an elegant bi-color rose radiates a beatiful orange hue.

Cream Roses


This charming Florana rose has a delicate sandy cream. Leave the guard petals on for an antique ruffled look or remove them to reveal a stunning cream rose.

Green Roses


Florana lemonade roses is one of the most beautiful roses of our farm, these especial roses is a mix of tones and aromas.

Pink Roses


A perfect flower to bring beautiful memories to any special occasion.


Florana Hermosa meaning “beautiful” in Spanish, is a perfect flower to bring beautiful memories to any special occasion.


Gorgeous and magnificent, this Florana beauty will look simply radiant at any event.

Mother of Pearl

Florana Mother Pearl with the exceptionally beautiful, is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and festivities.


The range of gradations and tones of the color palettes covered by this Florana rose is really incredibly surprising.


Florana Nena rose any other pink rose, delicate and highly fragant.

Pink Mondial

These majestic roses to any flower arrangement is sure to add a soft pink detail with love.

Pink O'hara

Its petals are the exaltation of the colors of the life and make it look like none other when it opens up.


Florana' Rhoslyn rose signifies a lover's love and respect, passion and desire, purity and sincerity.


She is one of Florana' most exotic and mysterious roses, as every time you look at her you get an intense sensation that the moment you’re experiencing has happened before.


She is one of Florana' most exotic and mysterious roses, as every time you look at her you get an intense sensation that the moment you’re experiencing has happened before.

Hot Pink Roses

Cherry O

Midway between deep pink and fuchsia, the color of this Florana rose evokes late spring in its best period, when it preludes the summer.


Pink Floyd

Named after one of the most commercially successful and musically influential English rock bands in the history of popular music.


Just like the gemstone, Florana' Topaz vivid hot pink rose shimmers with beauty and exudes perfection.

Peach Roses

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem peach instill a sense of romance and help create excitement, while soothing the senses.

Coral Reef

This Florana's roses is a flower from summer through to autumn.


Florana Tiffany is a timeless statement rose, with connotations of elegance and class.

Lavender Roses

Deep Purple

Florana Deep Purple is a glittering and glorious rose. The majestic roses to any flower.

Moody Blues

No other rose expresses feelings of adoration and romantic intentions better than the Florana' Moody Blues.


When looking at the fascinating hues of its lavender rose petals, it is easy to understand why one would consider this rose to be so magical and mysterious.

Orange Roses


Florana Cayenne is a classical orange colorations are the lead of the bloom, extending out upon slight and delicate pedals.

High & Orange Magic

Florana High & Orange Magic take the elegant with exceptional vigor and clean foliage.


Named after a famous Spanish musical actress and singer, Nina, this vibrant burnt orange Florana rose is impulsive, stylish, and refined.

Orange Crush

Florana Orange Crush symbolizes desire and enthusiasm with its warm and vibrant tone.


Florana Santana Roses are an electrifying flower, on the scene, giving a traditional flower a modern, fresh look.

Yellow Roses


Named after a town on the south coast of England, Brighton is beautiful like the sun which daily enlightens our day with its rays.


This rose would be a great addition to any special event.

Deja Vu

Florana Dejavu take the name of French “already seen”, with these rose you can live againg the beautiful and the most exotic and mysterious moment.

High & Yellow Magic

High & Yellow Magic is a sunny yellow rose that would be stunning when paired with our fuchsia aleli!